Fast Track Lipo Cavitation

Combining Lipo Cavitation with our Vibration Slimming sessions will give you a jump start toward your fitness goals.

The Lipo Cavitation uses sounds waves that are emitted at a specific frequency to break down fat cells, permanently eliminating unwanted fat from the body. The Lipo Cavitation treatment will be followed with Vibration Slimming session. Vibration therapy has many benefits including accelerated weight loss/burn fat, Reduce cellulite, Increased metabolism, increased energy, Improved blood circulation (oxygenation) and lymph drainage speeds up fat and toxin elimination.

The purpose of combining the two treatments  is to speed up the process of eliminating the fat which is broken down by the

Lipo Cavitation giving you quicker and better result than the Lipo cavitation alone.

For the full benefits and detailed descriptions of

Lipo Cavitation and vibration slimming click on the 'How it Works' and 'Vibration Slimming' tabs above.